MentorYou Benefits

See below how MentorYou can help you, your organisation or your mentoring programmes,
through career progression, engagement and retention.

For You


MU is a simple, quick and effective way to organically connect with people who can help you right away.


If you are looking for advice, guidance career development or upskilling yourself you can reach out to your mentor or mentee network.


You can share knowledge, expertise, information, resources and best practices with your MU community.

For Your Organisation

Empowering your people

Mentoring helps to develop your people by enabling them to take ownership of their own career paths. Individuals who receive mentoring are more informed of their career paths. From entry-level to leadership teams, all individuals will benefit from having mentors guiding them through their professional and personal journeys.

Knowledge sharing culture

You are able to embed and encourage a knowledge sharing culture across all roles (new starters, students, alumni, and leadership teams), and cross-functionally. Mentoring helps in achieving succession planning and career strategies goals.

Improve recruitment, engagement and retention

Mentoring results in more talent wanting to join organisation. This is true for recruiting and retention. You can attract and nurture individuals by offering mentoring to new talent coming through. Individuals who are mentored early on in their journey are more likely to be engaged due to the support they receive.

External impact

You can be leaders in your industry by providing mentoring within your organisation and creating opportunities for external mentoring initiatives.

For Your Mentoring Programme

Concept & Implementation

MU provides a simple, quick and effective way to make mentoring accessible for your users. Minimal administrative responsibilities, as it’s been designed to perform organically offering self-service user functionalities. It helps save time and costs for your programme team by making processes less manual, more self-serving and autonomous.

Configurable & Scalable

One programme for all your users across the organisation, with options to invite external participants. We can customise MU to suit your mentoring programme and system requirements. Our software and apps allow systems integration and stand-alone options.

Programme team training

We will provide training for your team either face to face or remotely, including ongoing technical support.

Programme management

We also offer programme administration and programme management support as part of our consultancy services.

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